Discretion, Privacy and Confidentiality

When you arrange a meeting with an escort, you will often be consumed with excitement about what is going to happen. This is the point of this service, after all. However, you do have to always make sure you have thought about discretion, privacy and confidentiality. There are a number of things, therefore, you should check with the agency before you agree to hire one of their girls.

  • Ask how long they will store your details. Usually, they will be destroyed right after the girl returns from her date with you.
  • The girls should have signed an agreement to state they will not discuss what happened with you. The only exception is if they are concerned about their safety, or if you wish them to engage in something illegal. The girls will also never talk about clients in any way with others.
  • Good escort agencies will not use “reviews”, because this means revealing the identity of other people.
  • A good escort girl is very discreet. She will understand that you do not want others to know that she is an escort, which means that she won’t talk about this with others during your date. Remember that escorts value their own privacy as well, and they will generally not flaunt the fact that they are in the sex industry to others. As such, it is also expected of you to not introduce your girl to others as an escort.
  • Usually, when you book a girl, you will make payments through credit cards to the agency. Some still prefer you to pay the girls directly, but this will never be done in public.

Safety of You and the Escort

There is also the issue of safety, which needs to be guaranteed not just to you, but also for the girl. In terms of your own safety, good escorts will regularly be checked for sexually transmitted diseases and will also use condoms and other methods of preventing the transmission of diseases. A good escort agency will guarantee this, and a good escort will always refuse to have sex without protection. Indeed, for her own safety as much as yours, she will never be agreeable to doing this.

In terms of the safety of the escort, you will have to discuss exactly where you intend to take her, and what your intended itinerary is. If you deviate from this, you will be expected to inform the agency of this or allow the escort to do so. Someone has to be aware of her location at all times, which protects her own identity and safety as well. Unfortunately, there are still unsavoury characters out there, and escorts naturally get up close and personal with their clients, which means they will require extra protection. You should avoid any agency that doesn’t stipulate these rules, as this would mean they do not care about the safety of their girls – and hence they don’t care about yours either.

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